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29 July 2020

100,000 people answer the call for help from the Maasai Nature Conservancy

The Maasai are famous warriors, and the conservancy established a mighty force against poachers. Professional rangers and young warriors called “Moran” who are trained in bush practices, now serves as “The Warriors for Wildlife Protection”, monitoring the animal populations and protecting against poaching.

When it became clear COVID-19 would destroy the tourism industry of the Maasai living in the breathtaking Nashulai Nature Conservancy, the tribe petitioned Avaaz, a website connecting local people-powered movements, to try and organize a response call for help. As a result, 100,000 people raised money to help pay the rangers’ salaries, ensuring that the critical Nashulai elephant migration corridor remained safe from poachers. The money was also enough to secure sanitation and medical supplies and food for the Maasai community there, so they could survive the COVID-19 storm.

Kenya to reopen to international fights

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced the resumption of international flights from August 1 as well as the lifting of internal travel restrictions.

Although he warned any trends that signal a worsening of the pandemic will mean a return to the lockdown, it is great to see Kenya leading the way in kick-starting tourism in the East Africa region.

Tanzanian miner becomes overnight millionaire

A small-scale miner in Tanzania, Saniniu Laizer, has become an overnight millionaire after selling the two largest Tanzanite rocks ever mined (one weighing 9.2kg and the other 5.8kg) for $3.4m to the Tanzania government.

Mr Laizer told the BBC he planned to hold a party at home for friends and family where he would slaughter a cow to celebrate his extraordinary find. He also said he hoped to build a shopping mall and a school.

Breakthrough in Kenya’s fight against malaria

A team of scientists in Kenya and the UK are hailing the “enormous potential” of a new strategy to control malaria, after discovering that a microbe completely protects mosquitoes from infection.

Now, they are developing plans to spread the microbe through mosquito populations in infected regions, in an unprecedented effort to eliminate the 400,000 deaths that result from the disease each year. Such a program would be the biggest leap forward in the effort to eradicate malaria since infections had dropped by 40% leading up to 2014 due to mass mosquito net distribution by UNICEF and their partners such as the Global Fund.

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