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Magical East Africa Awaits You

20 November 2019

Here at African Safari Excellence, we are East Africa. We offer full-service, out-of-Africa experiences that promise to linger in your memory for a lifetime. Trusted by agents around the world, we are the luxury travel destination specialists of choice. In partnership with our network of specialised service providers, we’ll help you craft the perfect itinerary of experiences across East Africa. If this beautiful quadrant of the mother continent has yet to catch your eye as a travel destination, it’s time to hop on board- and here are just some of the reasons why:

Welcome to East Africa- Home of Safari Excellence

The sheer diversity of wildlife in Africa is mind-boggling with many species being found in the rich plains and jungles of East Africa. In fact, the world’s greatest variety of large mammals are found here. If you’re looking for safari excellence, there are few destinations that come close to the wildlife viewing experiences in East Africa.

It is also worth mentioning that this remarkable landscape isn’t just about the wildlife either – It promises to be an experience like no other. Here is where rich cultures and staggering history play out. Here, the landscape has shaped a million dreams. Here lies Africa, adventure and excitement.

Tantalizing Tanzania

Tanzania is packed to the brim with superb game parks, and plays a key role in the famous annual Great Migration. The country is also home to a gorgeous coastline and idyllic little islands, making a beach-and-bush combination holiday the perfect way to celebrate this gorgeous locale. This is also the home of iconic Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest peak on the continent and a challenge no adventure-lover could possibly resist.

Unique Uganda

Tanzania may have Mt Kilimanjaro, but Uganda is blessed with the Rwenzori mountains – Africa’s highest range. Hiking in this unique landscape is superlative, and this is also home to the Mountain Gorilla, making it one of the few countries where ethical Gorilla safaris are possible. There’s also a huge population of chimpanzees in the area.

Riveting Rwanda

Gorillas are the drawcard for many visitors to Rwanda, too, but there’s so much more to this beautiful destination than just her primates. This is the African home of fire-spewing volcanoes (don’t worry, they’re inactive). A perfect destination for safari-off-the-beaten-track, Rwanda is also home to pleasantly unexpected lion populations. For natural beauty and friendly people, few places come close to matching this awe-inspiring country.

Kingly Kenya

Migratory blue wildebeest (Connochaetes taurinus) crossing the Mara river, Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

There are few places in the world that encapture the heart as Kenya does.  Best known for the spectacular annual Great Migration that surges through her wildlands, the country has so much more to offer than one might initially think. Tropical woodlands and thunderous waterfalls merge with towering mountains and savannah both. Wildlife is teeming, and the wildlife viewing is truly some of the best you’ll ever experience along with some of the kindest, best-regulated wildlife practices in the world. With fascinating cultures, rich heritage and gorgeous landscapes Kenya is sure to woo your heart, but don’t forget to head under the water, too! 

With pristine white-sand beaches that merge into glorious turquoise seas as well as the mesmerizing Kenyan Barrier Reef, this region truly is unparalleled in terms of its beauty. Kenya will prove to be everything you have ever wished from a vacation destination- and so much more.

Zesty Zanzibar

Experience this blissful beach destination for yourself. With warm waters, beautiful beaches and an idyllic island paradise that await you, this is a tropical dream destination packed with romance and excitement. From the quaint charms of Stone Town to the soft, palm-fringed beaches – paradise is calling. Let your heart be captured by the fascinating islands that were once the spice capital of the world, and allow tranquility to rejuvenate your soul.

Let adventure serenade your heart in East Africa

It doesn’t matter what flavour of East African adventure is calling to you, African Safari Excellence is here to assist you in converting your dreams to reality. Servicing a variety of destinations across East Africa, we’ll help you shape a full-service, out-of-Africa experience that promises to exceed all of your expectations. Let the magic of East Africa enchant you today- we can assure you that you’ll never want to travel anywhere else.