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Uganda is Calling You

Uganda is Calling You - 17 February 2020

Wildlife safaris and gorilla treks. Boat tours and forest hikes. Scaling magnificent peaks and watching the sunrise high above the world. Uganda offers some of the most spectacular holiday experiences and it’s calling to you to indulge in its’ untapped beauty.

Authentic, Unique and Exhilarating

Uganda offers extraordinary biodiversity. Here you will find diverse landscapes unfolding wherever you look with scenes of savannah, jungle and wetland melting into one another seemingly the norm. This unique rollout promises to offer you a spectacular safari experience where every encounter in this awe-inspiring landscape is sure to leave you without words. This is also home to a melting pot of cultures from East, North, South and West Africa – over 50 languages are spoken here! This means delectable food and fascinating experiences are the name of the game in the cities, while pristine wildlife and achingly beautiful scenery awaits the further from the city one travels.

An Experience Unlike Any Other

Uganda is home to Bwindi National Park, best known for its staggering primate encounters, and it is also home to the equally magnificent Mgahinga National Park. The endangered mountain gorilla can only be found in the Virunga Massif, shared by Rwanda, Uganda and the DRC. These fascinating gentle giants call both parks their home, and though the jungle trek for viewing can be rather taxing, the profound experience that awaits makes every step worthwhile.

Abundance and Delight

Perhaps unexpectedly within Africa, the presence of the Big 5 is not the primary drawcard for Ugandan safaris – although the iconic members of the Big 5 all flourish here. Here, too, you’ll find infamous tree-climbing lions (a very rare phenomenon indeed) and the Nile crocodile, to name but a few. Let’s not forget the birdlife either. With well over one-thousand species, including super-rare sightings of the Shelley’s crimsonwing, there’s plenty to enjoy. Lake Bunyonyi, the ‘lake of little birds’, is a sight every visitor should experience. With the seamless blend from savannah to wetland, thrill awaits at every turn.

Rapids and Waterways

Words could not possibly do the experience of encountering wildlife from the water justice. The beauty of a sunset from the river evokes a feeling unlike any other. Boat tours offer a way to experience the wetlands in unison with the environment, bringing a spectacular authenticity to the viewing that’s hard to replicate and will linger in your heart forever.

Stunning Landscapes

Uganda’s friendly, tranquil environment and spectacular natural beauty offers itself as an ideal destination for those wanting to experience something truly abstract. With gorgeous landscapes and treacherous mountain peaks – such as the Rwenzori Mountains – begging to be conquered, you will not leave Uganda feeling disappointed.

Nowhere else in East African can you experience the dizzying array of activities, excitement and biological diversity that Uganda offers. With African Safari Excellence offering a superlative out-of-Africa experience from start to finish, we’re perfectly placed to help you experience the very best that Uganda has to offer. From gorilla trekking and safaris, to boat tours, forest hikes and mountain climbing, we have the expertise to help you make all of your travel dreams come true.