17 MAY 2019

Launched in 2019, the East Africa Workshop emerged in response to a significant need—addressing the evident shortfall in expertise among South African tour operators who were keen but unprepared to promote East African destinations. This initiative was specifically designed to fill this void by equipping South African Destination Management Companies (DMCs) with the essential knowledge and insights necessary to confidently showcase the diverse and rich experiences East Africa has to offer. By fostering a deeper understanding and connection with East African cultures, wildlife, and landscapes, our workshop seeks not only to enhance the capabilities of these operators but also to contribute to the sustainable and respectful promotion of East Africa as a premier travel destination. Through a blend of interactive sessions, expert-led discussions, and collaborative learning, we are committed to empowering South African DMCs to elevate their service offerings and create unforgettable travel experiences for their clients in East Africa.

10 MAY 2024

This workshop is specifically tailored to the East African travel market and is an enlightening experience. The feedback we received from our workshop in 2019 was so positive that we decided it is time to offer agents the opportunity again. It’s a fantastic way to connect with our partner suppliers and gain valuable insights into their offerings, most of whom are travelling from East Africa to join us.


East Africa Workshop 2019

In 2019, we had the pleasure of hosting our very first East Africa workshop, where we had the opportunity to bring some of the best suppliers to you, our valued agents. This was a transformative journey that allowed for incredible connections, valuable insights, and first-hand product knowledge.


Joining a familiarization trip, often referred to as a “fam trip,” is a beneficial experience, for our valued agents. If you are interested in joining any of our future trips, please contact lynn@ase.co.tz for more information.

Here are some key reasons you should join one of our 'fam' trips:

Industry Insight:

Fam trips provide an in-depth look at what our East Africa destination offers, including hotels, restaurants, attractions, and unique experiences. This insight is crucial to assist you with being able to recommend some suppliers to your clients.

Networking Opportunities:

These trips are attended by our staff and other agents of the travel industry. They are tour lead by one of the African Safari Excellence team members. This provides an excellent opportunity to meet peers, share ideas, and form partnerships.

Experience the Product Firsthand:

There’s no better way to assure clients of a travel product’s quality than having experienced it personally. Fam trips allow agents to assess the services, accommodation, and activities firsthand, ensuring they can vouch for their recommendations confidently.


Many fam trips are designed with an educational component, offering workshops or presentations about the destination’s tourism offerings. This can enhance one’s knowledge and skills in the industry.

Marketing Content:

Attending a fam trip can provide content for marketing materials. You are able to gather photographs, facts, and personal stories that will help you promote the destination more effectively.

Competitive Advantage:

Having firsthand experience of a destination will give you a competitive advantage. It allows you to provide personal insights and tips that can make your service to clients stand out.

Personal Enjoyment:

While the primary purpose of fam trips is educational, they also offer participants the chance to enjoy the destination. This aspect can be a significant perk of the job for our agents when dealing with African Safari Excellence.