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Snorkelling off the Lamu Archipelago

17 March 2020

The experience of a lifetime awaits

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When you picture the beauties of Kenya, snorkelling probably doesn’t come to mind – but it certainly should! If we’re talking full-service, out-of-Africa experiences, this is one that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Today African Safari Excellence takes a closer look at the remarkable waters off Lamu Island, and why it should be your number 1 travel destination this year.

Lamu Island, bustling home of colour and experience

It’s easy to forget you’re in Kenya when you look around Lamu. From the quaint beauties of the old town to the glamorous clubs of Shela to the south, the islands are packed with things to do and see. Colourful characters can be found at every turn, and the host of unconventional (and inexpensive) things you can do is sure to capture your heart.

Lying just a 10-minute from the mainland by boat, Lamu is located about 360km from Mombasa as the crow flies. Here you’ll find one of the oldest living Swahili towns. Picture winding streets taking you through buildings innovatively built with coral, elaborate doors with more than a hint of Morocco about them, and placid donkeys ruling the streets. This is Lamu- and it is just waiting to be discovered in all its glory.

Heading out onto (and under) the water

One of the most exciting ways to cool off on the island is to take to the water by boat. Drift slowly through the mangroves as your guide gently negotiates you through to the perfect snorkelling spot. Crystal clear water beckons you to play, and the visibility in Lamu is extraordinary. Another unique experience is the option of picnicking on one of the stunning sandy beaches. Manda Toto Beach offers pristine sands and views to soothe the soul.

We could talk for hours about the beauties that await you in Lamu. This is, after all, a UNESCO World Heritage site. With the lapping blue Indian Ocean, staggering snorkelling, the 18th century Swahili architecture, and the upbeat, positive vibe of the people, this is a destination that has to be experienced by every traveller at least once. Lamu is a gem in East Africa, and African Safari Excellence can help make your dreams a reality today- why not get in touch and experience the Lamu magic for yourself?