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The Bush Telegraph of Arusha Tours

16 April 2024

About Arusha | Tanzania

If your client is going on safari in northern Tanzania, it is likely that they will pass through the vibrant city of Arusha. Recognised as the primary access point for all northern circuit safaris,  Arusha is more than just a stopover. Visitors can explore various markets, national parks and the renowned Maasai culture. Here are a few options of half day Arusha tours and full day Arusha tours that we recommend for your clients, if they are wanting to immerse themselves in all that this city has to offer. All of these Arusha tours are offered by our expert on the ground team who will accompany your client in a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Maasai tribe in traditional colorful clothing.

Half Day Arusha Tours

ARUSHA TOURS | Lake Duluti

Your client can escape the energetic atmosphere of Arusha and venture to the tranquil Lake Duluti, located just a 20-minute drive away. Here, your client can spend the day canoeing in the volcanic crater and immersing themselves in the 63 hectares (160 acres) that the lake covers. They will enjoy the thrilling adventure of exploring the waters of the lake and the surrounding Duluti Forest Reserve, which is home to various wildlife species. After the exciting activity, they can savour the delicious local cuisine that is renowned in this area. They will then be transported back to Arusha.

Estimated time: 7 Hours

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Entrance fees and use of a canoe

Excludes: Gratitudes | Lunch | Water | Canoe

ARUSHA TOURS | Arusha National Park 

Your client will be collected by our dedicated private guide and escorted to the renowned Arusha National Park, situated merely 25 kilometres (16 miles) east of the city, for an unforgettable safari experience. They will be immersed in the park’s astonishingly diverse landscapes and rich wildlife. Nestled against the stunning backdrop of Mount Meru, Tanzania’s second-highest peak. Although the park is not home to large predators, smaller animals such as zebras, giraffes, and various birdlife can be found here. Once their safari has ended they will be taken back to Arusha.

Time: 4 Hours 

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Entrance fees

Excludes: Gratuities | Lunch

ARUSHA TOURS | Guided City Tour of Arusha

On this tour, your client can wander through the lively streets of Arusha by day, offering them an immersive experience of local culture and providing a glimpse into the everyday life of the Swahili population. On this tour, they will explore the vibrant Maasai markets scattered throughout the city. These markets invite your client to learn about the traditional ways of the Maasai people and browse the authentically crafted handicrafts. Additionally, the region’s rich cultural heritage is on full display in various museums and cultural centres, highlighting the art, music, and historical narratives of the local communities.

Your client will also have the opportunity to witness the standout experience of Shanga making. This ancient art form creates stunning, complex jewellery and decorative pieces from recycled materials, including glass beads and textiles. They’ll see the artisans in action, demonstrating their craft, and they will even have the opportunity to engage in making their own Shanga piece, providing a distinctive keepsake from their journey.

Time: 8 Hours

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Entrance fees

Excludes: Gratuities | Items of a personal nature

Arusha Tours | Maasai Village Tour 

Your client will be collected from their accommodation and be transported to Monduli, a Maasai village. Upon arrival, the village chief will provide an overview of the village, explaining the workings of their community, the construction of their dwellings, and offering your client an opportunity to sample traditional Maasai cuisine. Following this, your client will have the chance to don traditional Maasai attire and partake in the renowned Maasai dance alongside the villagers. As the tour makes it’s way back to Arusha, the guide will stop at the Maasai market, noting that Saturdays feature a unique market experience.

Time: 6 Hours

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Entrance fees

Excludes: Gratuities

ARUSHA TOURS | Serval WildLife Sanctuary and Arusha Giraffe Centre Excursion 

The Arusha Giraffe Centre, situated just 20 kilometres (13 miles) west of Arusha, is devoted to the conservation and protection of endangered giraffe species and their natural habitats. At this centre, your client will have the opportunity to learn extensively about these magnificent creatures and experience these magnificent creatures up-close. Following this visit, your client will be escorted to The Serval Wildlife Sanctuary, located in the Siha District of Kilimanjaro, a mere 90 minutes from Arusha. Spanning over 1,000 acres, the sanctuary is a haven for a variety of animals that have been relocated from zoos or are injured animals from the wild, with the goal of nurturing their natural behaviours before ultimately reintroducing them into their natural habitat. The unique setup of the sanctuary allows your client to have an intimate and immersive experience.

Hours: 6 Hours

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Entrance fees

Excludes: Gratuities | Lunch | Items of a personal nature

ARUSHA TOURS | Arusha Quad Bike 

Your client’s first stop will be at the Cultural Heritage Centre located on Arusha-Dodoma Road. Here, they’ll be able to immerse themselves in Tanzania’s 120-plus tribes that can be seen in a single compound. The centre boasts various artifacts such as clothing, books, gemstones, and various carvings. 

After 30 minutes, they will depart and head for Arusha National Park, where they will be able to see Mount Meru, the second-largest peak in Tanzania. Although the park is smaller than others, your client will be able to immerse themselves in the myriad of wildlife that call this place home, as well as the varied landscape, from Meru Crater that funnels into the Jekukumia River to Ngurdoto Crater that offers vast views of wide open grasslands. 

After 1 hour in the National Park, your client will make their way to Mount Kilimanjaro. This is the highest stratovolcano in Africa and the highest point on the continent. Here, they will spend most of their time at the foot of the iconic mountain. 

After 2 hours exploring the region, your client will depart for their final stop at Mount Meru Waterfall. Here, your clients can enjoy a refreshing swim in the waterfall.

Time: 4 Hours 

Ages: 13 – 75

Includes: ATV | Equipment | Entry/Admission – Cultural Heritage Centre | Entry/Admission – Mount Meru Waterfall | Use of a quad bike 

Excludes: Gratuities

ARUSHA TOURS | Chemka Hot Springs

Your client will be taken to the hot springs through the expansive sugarcane plantations that cover acres of land and offer breathtaking views. En route, your client will catch glimpses of Maasai villages and on clear days, they may even be able to see Mount Kilimanjaro. Once they have reached the hot springs, located only two hours drive away from Arusha, your client will be able to enjoy swimming while they learn about the springs intriguing history. 

Time: 4 Hours 

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport |  Entrance Fees for the Hot Springs 

Excludes: Gratuities | Drinks

ARUSHA TOURS | Arusha Coffee Farms Excursion

This coffee excursion takes your client to a local coffee farm near Lake Duluti. During the tour, they’ll visit a coffee plantation to discover the cultivation and harvesting processes of coffee. Following this, they’ll proceed to a farm where the journey of transforming dried coffee beans into consumable ground coffee begins. The beans will be crushed using a traditional large mortar and pestle, often accompanied by a local tune—your client has the chance to join in on the singing. Subsequently, the beans are roasted on an open flame before undergoing a final grind. Once completed, they’ll have the opportunity to savor the coffee, tasting the result of their hard work. 

Time: 3.5 Hours 

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Coffee Tour and Experience | Fresh Coffee 

Excludes: Gratuities | Bagged coffee (available for purchase)

Arusha Full Day Tours 

ARUSHA TOURS | Day Hike to Mount Kilimanjaro 

Your client can experience the allure of Mount Kilimanjaro with a day hike that doesn’t require the commitment of a multi-day trek. Accompanied by their own private guide, they will follow the Marangu Route towards the Mandara Hut. Here, they will enjoy stunning vistas before making their way back down to the mountain’s base.

Time: 7 Hours 

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport 

Excludes: Gratuities | Items of a personal nature

Arusha Tours  | Maasai Village Visit, Materuni Waterfalls & Coffee Experience

Tucked into the vibrant quilt of hills at the foot of the majestic Kilimanjaro is the picturesque village of Materuni, renowned for its fragrant, high-quality coffee and the warmth of the Chagga community. During this engaging and aromatic journey, your client will have the opportunity to craft their own coffee in the traditional manner, learning the secrets behind the perfect brew directly from the local Chagga people. Following this, they’ll embark on a brief yet invigorating trek to Materuni Falls, where you can bask under the refreshing cascade as it spills into a serene pool, inviting a rejuvenating dip. The exertion of the hike, leaving your client pleasantly warm (or rather, radiant!), perfectly sets the stage for a dip in the invigorating cool waters. Whether they choose to indulge in your packed lunch before or after your swim, the choice is yours; freedom is part of the experience.

Time: 7 Hours 

Includes: English Speaking Guide | Transport | Coffee Tour and Experience | Fresh Coffee 

Excludes: Gratuities | Items of a personal nature

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