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Tantalizing Tanzania needs to be on your bucket list- today!

Tantalizing Tanzania needs to be on your bucket list- today! - 18 December 2019

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Tanzania can be something of an unappreciated gem of the African continent. That’s not for any lack in beauty, wildlife viewing opportunities or spectacular views, however! Our attention is typically lured to other areas of safari excellence, but they probably shouldn’t be. Kenya, Zanzibar and other areas of East Africa just seem to have grabbed a little more of the limelight along the way. Yet Tanzania is a land boasting 3 of the African ‘7 wonders’, Africa’s highest mountain, and some of the largest, deepest lakes on the continent. Tantalizing Tanzania is calling you- do you dare answer?

Why everyone should visit Tanzania

Frankly, we at African Safari Excellence find it difficult to narrow down the list, and we’re not strangers to full-service, out-of-Africa experiences! Tanzania is a gem of East Africa, and every traveller should get to experience her at least once. Despite its small size, Tanzania has the largest diversity (and concentration) of animals in Africa. Her birdlife is just as rich and vibrant, with over 1,100 species found throughout the country. The citizens are also proud of their wildlife heritage, and you’ll find superlative safari excellence through a network of national parks and game reserves that are adored by the locals and meticulously cared for. In Tanzania you’ll find one of the largest wild elephant populations, the African water buffalo, and a covert 2000-strong rhino population. Here you’ll also find one of the greatest remaining concentrations of the endangered African Wild Dog.

But Tanzania’s lure is not just about the wildlife, it’s about the land, too. Here you’ll found Mount Kilimanjaro, the iconic peak beloved of climbers everywhere. The Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest intact asteroid crater, is also one of the most pristine wildernesses remaining on earth, earning it protection as a Unesco World Heritage site.  Here the Big Five play, and the endangered black rhino can be found in relatively large numbers. Swamp, woodland, mountain, lake and river all flow through the crater, making one of East Africa’s most dramatic landscapes. You haven’t experienced Africa until you’ve answered Tanzania’s call.

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Things to see and do in Tanzania

We’re sure by now you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices open to you in this gorgeous land. When it comes to things to do in Tanzania, it’s not about finding activities- it’s about trying to squeeze them all in! There’s a ton of action-packed ways to entertain yourself in Tanzania, but here’s just a few can’t-miss opportunities for the lucky traveller.

1.   Wildlife, culture and safari

By now it’s obvious that safari excellence is a huge drawcard here. The diversity of animals, including endangered species in large populations seldom found elsewhere, is too good to resist.

Tanzania is part of the same mass annual migration as Kenya, too, making for a safari experience like no other. The Serengeti is an iconic National Park, and the migration itself has been declared one of the 7 natural African wonders. Up to 6 million hooves can pound through the open plains in migration season, seeking fresh grazing. But the migration is far from the only thing the Serengeti and surrounding areas offers. Calving season is equally as breath-taking.

What’s particularly wonderful is that much of the wildlife areas in Tanzania are overseen by the iconic Maasai locals. We’re all at least casually familiar with their distinctive looks, dress and customs. Many Maasai forgo a more Western lifestyle, keeping ancient traditions centred around their cattle and children. This active engagement in preserving their animal wealth helps ensure a Tanzanian safari is like no other. You’ll also be able to learn more about these extraordinary people, and adventure with tribal communities in the pristine heart of Maasailand.

2.   Iconic landscapes and adventure

We all know Mount Kilimanjaro, even if the closest we’ve come to rock climbing is walking the dog around the neighbourhood. 3 distinct volcanic cones (Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira) tower above the landscape, dormant for now. A key part of the Kilimanjaro National Park and Africa’s tallest peak, this is a must-have experience for any climber. Another natural wonder of Africa, everyone will feel awed at the sight. Then, of course, there’s the Ngorongoro Crater waiting for you to explore. Tanzania is also home to 59,000 km of inland water, most of it as pristine lakes that call to the heart. It’s a spectacular sight in often-dry Africa, and one calling you to celebrate with river cruises and perhaps even a little fishing.

3.   Easy access to Zanzibar

The mystic lure of the spice islands calls you! This tiny island republic, best known for its port and capital of Stone Town, brings you idyllic beach experiences, a heady atmosphere of intrigue, and spectacular architecture to soothe any weary spirit. Whether it’s a romantic honeymoon or a great way to unwind after an exhilarating safari, Zanzibar is a must-visit while you’re in Tanzania. Best known for its spice plantations, you’ll find Sultan’s palaces and historic architecture like no other. Signs of Zanzibar’s opulent past are everywhere- so get lost in her remarkable beauty and enjoy the best of Swahili culture! Round it off with a cocktail or two on the beach, watching the sun set beneath the water.

No matter where you roam in Tanzania, there’s tons to see and do. To book a full-service out-of-Africa experience with African Safari Excellence in Tanzania, why not get in touch with our friendly team today? The land of endless plains is waiting for you to explore it!